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2010-07-29 09:40:14 by FryLock-08


Ha-ha my flash paint went through the portal... Still needs improvement. but meh made it in 1 day and im a beginner >:O.

Its easy :3
2nd gem was a bitch to find but the last two ones were droppping like rain

Who said you cant mac the weaps?The Savior Game

back from playing 2moons

2008-07-24 06:58:16 by FryLock-08

hi everyone im back from a 1-2month off on NG i got hooked at 2moons heres my hunter, and that was a long time ago im lvl 85 atm (at the moment) ill be logging to NG now more ofently and now....*watching MGS collab* (grabs popcorn bowl....WTF??? PLAIN??? NOOOOO)

back from playing 2moons

2 sec. shirt folding *wah?*

2008-05-20 09:21:13 by FryLock-08

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Can you do this? im training w/ yoda and nothing seems to happen the force cant do it...but getting a hang of it now try it u might find it handy in a rush like getting caught by your wife/husband w/ another person! see while she nags you have fold the shirt in 2 secs. LOL nah just watch the stupid vid now. And Betty dont "own" me or "pawn" bcuz it aint cool dick head go watch the vid and pawn you shirt :)

meh....entertain me

2008-04-17 08:49:17 by FryLock-08

meh im just so tired and i need to be entertained by ng people here so wats up?

who the hell is RICK ROLL?

2008-04-13 13:32:42 by FryLock-08

well i think isaw him on a movie where he sewed his wife in the end in vegas but im not sure so WHO THE HELL IS HE? i DEMAND AN ANSWER NOW!

new banner from ng wallpapers...

2008-03-30 10:54:20 by FryLock-08

jus cutted it from the dad n' me chainsaw huh?
leave a comment either u hate that i cutted it or love LEAVE A COMMENT! byz

new banner from ng wallpapers...

yay! new computer!!!

2008-01-25 20:24:11 by FryLock-08

yay!!! new computer!!! now i can vote and blam everyday!!!
my other computer that is really now TERMINATED
and i changed my header...

yay! new computer!!!